Best 7 Smart Ceiling Fans 2020: Google, Alexa and Wifi

Smart Ceiling fans are regarded to be more efficient fans since they circulate air throughout the space, creating a decent atmosphere with just a tap of your smartphone button.

The advantage of the smart ceiling fan is that it pushes the air quickly and distributing it to a larger area. A roof ventilator offers powerful ventilation or even replaces standard air cooling based on where a house stands. The roof ventilator provides a reliable energy storage system.

If nobody is in the room, you can leave on the smart ceiling fan as it helps to circulate air and maintain soothing room temperature. These fans take up less space than ordinary ones.

Top-Rated Smart Ceiling Fans Comparison Table

Image Product Details  
Big Ass Fans
Big Ass Fans L3127
Color: White
Fan Size: 52 in
Finish Types: Glossy
Check Price on Amazon
Big Ass Fans HK52B Big Ass Fans HK52B Color: Black
Fan Size: 52 in
Finish Types: Matt
Check Price on Amazon
Modern Forms FR-W1813   Modern Forms FR-W1813 Color: Gloss White
Fan Size: 60 in
Material Type: Aluminum
Check Price on Amazon
Hunter Indoor ceiling fans Symphony Hunter Fans Symphony Color: White
Fan Size: 54 in
Finish Types: White
Check Price on Amazon
Minka-Aire F569 Minka-Aire F569 Color: Brushed Steel
Fan Size: 52 in
Finish Types: Brushed
Check Price on Amazon
Westinghouse Lighting 7800200 Westinghouse Lighting 7800200 Color: Silver
Fan Size: 52 in
Finish Types: Brushed Aluminum
Check Price on Amazon
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195 Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195 Color: Matte Black
Fan Size: 54 in
Finish Types: Brushed Nickel
Check Price on Amazon

The Best Smart Ceiling Fans in 2020

Nowadays, people love smart devices from smartphones to smartwatches because you can control it easily. We have picked one of the most elegant smart ceiling fans that are going to make your life easy and comfortable. The list is not big enough and includes the best 7 smart ceiling fans.

1. L3127 Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

The successful Haiku L Smart Ceiling fans by Big Ass Fans provided equally unobstructed airflow and outstanding effectiveness. It is available in many classy colors like a bamboo black, glossy finish, cocoa finish, and shiny white. You can select the particular command installation like time, control of speed, sleep mode; these simulated the natural breeze.

Ten exceptional control settings let you pick fan speed, clock, and the rest mode that recreates natural airflow settings. The lighting and the fan can be controlled utilizing smart remote control.

Every Haiku L includes adjustable air hoses and guarantees that the fans don’t influence, scratch, or snap. Exquisite and productive, Haiku L from Big Ass Fans is the perfect answer for the comfort of any space. You can regulate the screen and smartphone supported through an app or voice command of your smart device or with Alexa enabled Google Assistant.

Each smart ceiling fans Haiku L is equipped with precision airfoils and has a noise check to ensure that your fan never wobbles or rattles.
These smart ceiling fans are the ideal convenience option for all areas. You can easily use Haiku L fans indoor with ease.

  • Modern design.
  • It has a circular shape with sufficient natural airflow.
  • Integrated LED.
  • It correctly works with Amazon Alexa Assistant and Google Assistant.
  • Remote control.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Covers rooms of 15 “x 15” (up to 33 degrees) with plain or sloping walls 8′-11 ‘ in height.
  • Its sounds a little like a swooshing helicopter.
  • Huge by size.

2. HK52B Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

The quality of Haiku L Smart Black is far better than that of different fans, and the sleek design also looks stunning.

This fan is dynamic, incredible, and robust and has a smart Wi-Fi option that enables me to utilize Alexa to compose, initiate, deactivate, or incidentally modify it. They introduced through Amazon’s affiliate organize and worked admirably.

The light is charming. If you make it sparkly, it will give a lovely glow to the entire room.

In basic terms, LEDs are more effective and work superior to anything other lighting sources. Haiku L has a worked in LED module that expends about a large portion of the intensity of a customary 40-watt radiant light, however, it creates twice as much light. Since the LED pointer keeps going more than multiple times, you will never need to change another bulb.

  • Elegant design made by Big Ass fans.
  • Fully automated smart ceiling fan.
  • All innovative smart options like Alexa and Google Assistant are available.
  • No more rattling sounds heard when Haiku L fan is moving.
  • Excellent brightness setting options because of the integrated LED option.
  • Suitable for small indoor spaces.
  • Can be operated at an optimum temperature range between 0- 40 degree Celsius.
  • No Wi-Fi module in the purchase as mentioned.
  • Expensive fan if compared with the quality.

3. FR-W1813-60L-GW Morpheus III 60

On account of easy controls and a quiet DC motor, Morpheus is a luxurious piece in the list of smart ceiling fans. Like all the Smart fans, Morpheus is associated using Wi-Fi to the smart application. Regardless of whether you are 5 or 500 meters away, the controls are consistently in your grasp. Ground-breaking LED lighting with opal glass by experts and thick, streamlined wings spins around the plan.

Modern-day Smart fans are intended to make your day by day life more straightforward. Each fan is finely adjusted and tried to ensure each fan doesn’t wobble. Modern-day fans have cutting edge lights that give enough white light with high effectiveness.
RF divider control controls Smart fans with an intuitive interface.

The divider controller can be combined with up to 4 fans and arranged as a twofold or triple connector. Most iOS or Android apps can operate all types of Modern Fans. The application can be downloaded using iTunes or Google Play Store.

Every smart fan of Modern Forms can be operated by smart home tech — for example, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, and Ecobee. Download the Modern Forms application to your iOS or Android app and ease your life.

  • Modern innovative fan and all smart features like Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.
  • Stable brightness control option because of the integrated LED option.
  • Silent DC motors are used in Modern fans to alleviate rattling sounds.
  • You can download the smart fan application for controlling modern fans.
  • A wet location is a good option for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Integration of the app with Alexa is terrible.

4. Hunter Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control

With smooth, quick cutting edges, exquisite lines and a gleaming white completion, the Hunter Indoor is an advanced and sweet magnum opus. It fully supports Wi-Fi and Apple Home Toolbox innovation. It enables you to control the fan from anyplace. You can also associate it effectively to different items that can help the Home Kit.

Making its presentation at Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas, the Hunter Indoor enables you to explore the universe of home computerization easily.

Improve individual security by never strolling into the dim house again. Program your ceiling fan to light when you land with area-based users. Synchronize your ceiling fans with the smart indoor regulator to keep up the vitality productivity of your home and cool your family.

Hunter Indoor ceiling fans enable you to effortlessly enter the home without disturbing the smart home items, including entryway locks, and entryways.

You can effectively change the fan speed from your seat or bed utilizing the Hunter Simple Connect application or other smart apps. For example, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant. These Smart fans enable you to reverse the movement of the ceiling fan from your smartphone or app as opposed to having a stool to flip the switch.

If any piece of your fan is malfunctioning, the Hunter will give you a free replaced fan.

  • In the kit, you can find 3 Plastic fans.
  • For ideal air cross, blade of the fan tilts at 18 degrees angle.
  • You can also make your fan an exhaust because of the inclusion of a reversible motor.
  • A powerful air movement gives you a super cooling environment.
  • Best for indoor use.
  • Alexa app does not work often.
  • Hunter fan mostly produces tapping sounds.

5. Minka-Aire F569-BS

Minka- Aire with Silver blades are smart ceiling fans with a graceful look. Every blade is all around assembled and weighs for an ideal match. The metal that connects to the blade is likewise of incredible quality. Each of them had a transcribed mark showing the actual weight.

The lower stems are (1) around three inches and (2) around 5 inches. I sold roof fans and power for a couple of years and discovered this one far better than the establishment of E-Z fans or lofty 5-minute fans found in an orange store, and so forth.

Moreover, the LED lights in the fan are amazing. The room is sufficiently bright because of this fan. It was my first buy at Minka Air, and I’m confident it won’t be my last buy.

  • This smart fan comes with mini 100-watt Halogen Bulb covered with Opal glass.
  • A decent smart ceiling fan that is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant apps.
  • You need a hub to connect with that.
  • Manual reversible fan option is available.
  • Hand remote comes with speed option of fan and also controlling light.
  • Sleek design with a classy look impresses everyone.
  • Quality does not look so great.
  • Some fan parts missing after the delivery.

6. Westinghouse Lighting 7800200

Techno’s Westhouse Lighting 52-inch fan includes an exquisite brushed aluminum finish and is intended to cool enormous spaces.
The enduring LED light gives long stretches of lighting a similar splendor as a 75 W radiant light. 75 watt brilliant light expends only 17 watts of intensity. Techno has a remote control that enables you to control four fan and light speeds with one dash of a finger.

The Westinghouse Techno Ceiling Fan is intended for the course of stable and calm air and is designed for rooms up to 360 square feet (18 x 20 feet) in size. Westinghouse is a confided in the worldwide brand. Westinghouse perceives lighting and offers results of excellent quality and usefulness.

Turn the fan counter clock smart. The wind stream makes a cooling breeze impact on your skin that keeps you quiet while decreasing vitality costs. In winter, turn the fan in a reverse manner. The warm air that amasses close to the ceiling is dispersed equally all through the room. Increase your comfort and simultaneously diminish warming expenses.

Westinghouse offers a full scope of appealing ceiling fans that are perfect for rooms with low ceilings. Introduce ceiling fans that change the stream to the ceiling or fans without pulling the bar down.

For best execution, the ceiling fan cutting edges need to be in any place 3 m over the ground, however not more than 2 to 3 m.

  • Stylish smart fan with a sleek design.
  • It is a Smart indoor fan with three blades of 52 inches.
  • LED in the bulb of 52 Watts gives enough light.
  • Reduced airflow because of the fab blade angles.
  • The motor of the fan has a lifetime warranty.
  • Pure Silicon and Steel is present in the dynamic motor of the fan.
  • Remote becomes non-functional after a few days.
  • Moving fan produces certain wobbling sounds.

7. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195

Keep your space cool with the Honeywell Modern Ceiling Fan. This fan has a warm structure that supplements the vast majority of the space. Balance it in the parlor or family space to keep things fresh throughout the late spring months and even switch the motor to keep you warm in the winter!

The 54-inch ceiling fan spares vitality and is anything but difficult to introduce. So you can begin appreciating comfort right away.

It like smart, accompanies three diverse mounting alternatives. This immortal fan keeps you quiet for quite a long time. I adore these fans! Quiet technical and enchanting transmits the air high. I like to lay down with the sound of fans, and most ceiling fans are exceptionally calm.

The sound of these sharp edges cuts the air when there is music over my ears. The fan works great and unquestionably conveys a ton of air. I considered purchasing a fan without remote control since it costs less, yet I’m glad to have picked this one. The cost was incredible, and having a remote was justified, despite all the trouble! Everything fills in as it needs to, and my lounge area is a lot cooler at this point. I would certainly recommend this fan.

  • Elegant design with durable fan blades.
  • 3 Speed modes in the smart remote of the fan.
  • The reversible motor gives you an extra option to use the fan as an exhaust.
  • Quiet and noiseless fan. No wobbling or rattling sounds are there.
  • Suitable for medium and large rooms.
  • Quality is substandard.
  • Light of the fan is too dim.

Our Take

These were the best 7 smart ceiling fans you can buy in 2020. These smart fans have changed the lifestyle of the people. These smart fans are easy to operate; that’s the reason people are buying them in a hurry.

You can choose the best one according to your standards. But for our take, we will suggest you go with Haiku L Series if you want to enjoy a complete smart ceiling fan. And if you guys wish to all that in less budget you can try Hunter Indoor fans.

Smart Ceiling Fans Buyer’s Guide

A smart ceiling fan associates with your Wi-Fi arrange and replaces the remote with either a versatile application interface or voice directions with your preferred app (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri).

In any case, since the IoT change is still in the primary feature in the smart fans, there are very few makers who have built up a perfect smart ceiling fan (the best-realized names are Haikou and Hunter). A dependable arrangement might utilize outdoor ceiling fans related to an outdoor remote controller or transfer unit that transforms the more seasoned gadget into a smart device and enables the client to add it to a smart home center point.

For What Reason Do You Need Smart Ceiling Fans?

A typical ceiling fan that realizes when to turn itself on. Like smart indoor regulators, they can be remotely controlled and customized to work as indicated by predefined temperatures and calendars. They can even be associated with smart indoor regulators, for example, Nest or Ecobee.

Smart ceiling fans may be a decent purchase, yet they help to control the atmosphere in your home and lower your household bill. When you utilize a ceiling fan, the fresh air in the room is circled, so you can work your forced air system a few degrees higher without aggravating it.

For each expanded degree, you will get 10% AC blower turn-on cycles, decreasing your general power utilization. A few smart fan switches can likewise be utilized to supplant the fan turns on the divider. There are even some essential gadgets that you can connect and place before the remote control of the working fan.

What is the Actual Cost of a Smart Ceiling Fan?

On average, you can get them between $ 50 and $ 100. Smart ceiling fans are progressively costly, extending from $ 300 to $ 1,000.

Regardless of whether it is a change over a ceiling fan or a brilliant ceiling fan, there is no distinction in configuration contrasted with the conventional fan.

Because the first idea will stay unaltered while on account of the remote control, the outside gadget needs to be put generally near the fan. However, a few controllers may use your divider switch or must be introduced in the fan itself.

Why are Smart Ceiling Fans Suitable for Your House?

They offer every one of the features of conventional fans, for example, speed control, low light or summer/winter modes. However being coordinated with an IoT home system, it can work with other smart gadgets.

Along these lines, you can turn on or off the ceiling fan, and its speed and course changed by the surrounding temperature distinguished by the forced air system or indoor regulator to circle the air and keep your room fresh in the late spring and Hot in winter.

You can likewise make plans, so the house has a perfect temperature before returning home. There are smart gadgets that have turned into a need. For instance, we currently depend on our smartphones. These smart indoor regulators have explained the expanding nature of a conventional gadget, with proper movement detecting switches that make our lives a lot easier.

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