Best 6 Smart Ceiling Fan Switch: Google, Alexa, Wifi

Gone are the days when people just wondered if they ever get a technology that can turn their fans or lights on only by making a wish.

Since the arrival of smart technology, every device around us has become so compliant, that all the petty but essential issues are solvable. Just as the smart switches now leading their way in our houses and offices.

If in case you are just wondering about the working of devices, then these switches are not only smart. Even they bring more convenience in terms of electricity consumption and thus saves your money.

A few weeks ago, we talked about the best smart ceiling fans. If you want to buy a smart fan that you can control your smartphones, then, you can visit the link.

Top-Rated Smart Ceiling Fans Switches Comparison Table

Image Product Details  
81a3iXNKAzL-removebg-preview Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Item Dimensions: 1.75 x 2.2 x 4.1 in
Switch Style: Switch
Compatibility: Alexa & Google Assistant
Check Price on Amazon
41R45LydfyL._AC_SL1001_ WiFi Smart Wall Touch Light Switch Item Dimensions: 4.72 x 3 x 1.45 in
Switch Style: Remote
Compatibility: Alexa & Google Assistant
Check Price on Amazon
517BXW2kgLL._AC_SL1000_ OWSOO SONOFF IFan03 Tungsten Lamp: Max. 660W/220V
LED: Max. 300W/220V
Fan: Max. AC100-240V 50/60Hz 2A
Compatibility: Alexa & Google Assistant
Check Price on Amazon
51txjLw1AbL._AC_SL1000_ Moshbu Ceiling Fans Smart Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.4 x 2 inches
Item Weight: 7 ounces
Shipping Weight: 7 ounces
Manufacturer: Moshbu
Compatibility: Alexa & Google Assistant
Check Price on Amazon
81Mq4zWAFuL._AC_SL1500_ Honeywell Z-Wave Plus Type: In-Wall
On/Off Control: Fan Speed Only – Low, Medium, and High
Compatibility: Alexa & Google Assistant
Check Price on Amazon
61TFNcfIg+L._AC_SL1200_ QIACHIP Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit REMOTE ON/OFF: Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit Equipped with a 2.4G RF remote control
Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.9 x 1.2 inches
Compatibility: Alexa & Google Assistant. Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control For iOS and Android mobile apps
Check Price on Amazon

Best Smart Ceiling Fan Switch in 2019

You can choose the best 6 smart ceiling fan Switches after going through this list that is fully compatible with Google Home Assistant and Alexa and more.

1. GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus

You are probably thinking that wireless controlling and cutting energy costs makes it an expensive product. GE Enbrighten has introduced Z-Wave plus Smart Light Switch. This switch can be easily installed and replace existing switches in your home or office at a very affordable price. It allows you to control your lights, fans, and devices virtually from anywhere.

These beautiful switches are straightforward to install. Though it seems like a dimmer switch it works bit different not like typical toggle switches; it’s a one way on/off switch. The best thing is; it allows controlling and scheduling the lights to turn on/off. 

Compatible with all the smart devices, and can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, PC or Z- wave remote. It works well with LED, CFL, halogen, Incandescent bulbs, fans, and other devices. It allows a single switch or multi-switch configuration.

The packaging includes instructions’ pamphlet, a neutral wire, and mounting screws.

The only thing which needs to be updated is the distance of networking Hub, which is not supported if incase 10 feet away from the switch.

  • Easy to install
  • Fine-looking
  • Unique switching function
  • Supports voice command
  • Allows scheduling
  • Alexa and Google Home works perfectly
  • Compatible with all Z-wave devices
  • Single/ Multi switch configuration
  • Hub doesn’t support more than 10 feet away

2. Smart Switch Wall Switch 2 Gang

This Wi-Fi contact switch functions well if you have to introduce a single ring box. You have to use it with the Jinvoo Smart app on your cell phone even over Wi-Fi.

The machine is excellent and carries out the responsibility to perform conscientiously. Simple to introduce because you have an impartial wire in the divider box. Ensure there is sufficient space to embed the available establishment cushion. The guide proposes introducing the Jinvoo Smart App, yet overlooking it. In case you intend to coordinate with Google Home, you’ll have to add the Smart Life app.

If you need a Smart Switch to assume responsibility for it just from a smartphone, you will get the correct switch.

You can just put on/off all lights simultaneously. On a three-key switch, it’s a lot simpler to send out each key exclusively to Google Home and, if you wish, to gather them across the board room.

It looks incredible during the evening, and I’m excited to utilize it when I return home and press on the outside lights with the app.

  • This smart switch has a decent Wi-Fi connection
  • Google Home Assistant and Alexa both work great
  • Timer switch helps in turning on/off at any time you want
  • Elegant design with a proper look
  • Durable and a long-running life
  • Light stops functioning after a few months
  • Low-quality switch


The iFAN03 support causes you to deal with your ceiling fan with lights using the eWeLink application whenever anyplace. Tap your smartphone or tablet to empower it at home or remotely. Smart switch with an RM433 remote control, which enables you to control the ceiling fan inside effortlessly

Start to openly share your switch to control the ceiling fan with your family so they can likewise appreciate the shrewd existence without trouble. Switch status can be given progressively on the eWeLink application so you can access and change the status of your switches effectively and rapidly.

You can make smart scenes with the goal that the SONOFF switch can empower another switch. The unit works with a 2.4G Wi-Fi switch without the requirement for an extra center point or paid assistance.

I am satisfied with this switch. To conquer the way that it doesn’t have the light dim option. I just introduced smart lights that work straightforwardly with Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice directions to diminish the shine.

I used to utilize an alternate smart home fan controller that required a connection for Alexa to work with the fan. With this switch, Bond and Alexa never again need to work with it. This switch is somewhat vast, and I needed to expel the lodging spread to refine the general structure factor and have the option to mount it in the fan lodging once introduced.

No matter what, it works great, and the portable application it offers functions admirably. The included remote control has a lovely current structure. I utilized a sticker to make catch capacities more clearly because each catch has little, dim symbols. Another great shock is that the remote contains a small magnet and you can purchase a stand independently with the goal that the remote control can snare it attractively. The support has double-sided tape or screws to tie down it to the divider.

On the other hand, you can introduce a little bit of metal on your divider, at that point the remote appends effectively with attraction.

  • Both Google Home and Alexa app installed and works perfectly
  • Remote has both iOS and Android support
  • The smart switch comes along with a perfect timer and schedule option
  • 3 Fan speed modes (Low, Med, High)
  • No use of Hub for this device
  • You cannot maintain the medium speed of the fan (only high or slow)
  • The light dims off and on

4. Moshbu Ceiling Fans Smart Control

It works truly well and looks great. It accompanies the support that goes to the ceiling with the fan and the remote itself. Most TVs look and control both fan speed and lighting.

You can play out all controls on the cell phone and deal with the ceiling fan utilizing LEDs using the eWeLink application, at home or remotely. The control of the voice is crazy. It is good with Alexa and Google Home, and you can kill on/the lights or fans in the inside voice control.

Plan the uptime and total personal time. Simply modify the time/commencement of your ceiling fan with the lights. The light turns on/off consequently after the preset interim has slipped.

You can supplant the APP control whenever. It comes with an RM433 remote control that effectively controls the ceiling fan from a single source. Seniors and youngsters can without much of a stretch use it.

This smart key can make smart scenes and offer control. Start to share the switch to control the ceiling fan with your family. It’s in reality, genuinely cool. I didn’t have the foggiest idea of how it functioned from the start. It adds remote control similarity to any fan.

  • Ultimate ceiling fan remote control smart switch
  • Awesome shape and sleek design
  • The light intensity of the switch changes automatically
  • Google Home assistant and Alexa apps working perfectly
  • Share control option available for all family members
  • Switch buttons not working after a few weeks
  • Low-quality product

5. Honeywell Z-Wave Plus

Remain associated at home with Honeywell’s Intelligent Wall Fan Control Switch. With all Z-Wave ensured Smart Gates switch fans, enables you to remotely control ceiling fans from any Z-Wave perfect portable, PC, or remote device.

Regardless of whether you’re at home or outside, you can easily control the ceiling fan. This flip switch incorporates highly contrasting almond switch covers, coordinating any marker, with a blue LED pointer to find the key in a dim room. Your smart home has quite recently turned out to be smarter with the Honeywell Smart Wall Fan Control Switch.

We supplanted the old unipolar 2-wire switch with this one. Consideration, this switch requires a neutral wire!

The switch accompanies a short white braid, evidently for this reason as it were. When all were associated, blending with Smart Things Hub was a seat.

  • Sleek design with a classy look
  • Replaceable fan speed switch
  • Premium smart switch with superb compatibility with both Goggle Home Assistant and Alexa
  • Hub is required for Alexa functioning
  • Wireless Smart switch
  • No support from the makers
  • Horrible speed controls

6. QIACHIP Ceiling Fan

I’m happy to have discovered the QIACHIP roof fan remote control unit. Its cost is entirely sensible; it was anything but difficult to introduce and arrange and functions admirably. The links were straightforward and were basically between the fan links and the power links.

 Since I utilize the Smart Life application for different gadgets in my home, including a fan, is simple. With the help of remote control, you can easily change the fan speed in three different modes. You can likewise set a clock to mood killer the fan after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. From the application, you can see similarly the affirmation signal that transmits an ordinary sound when you press the catch.

It was additionally simple to add to Alexa. From my reverberation machine, I can turn it on and off and control its speed. The smart switch is elegant and has a flawless performance.

The interface looks pretty simple. What was baffling was the point at which I attempted to design it to interface with my phone so that I could associate it to my home system.

When I found that these things outside this machine were impeccable and worked fine as I needed. I will presently discuss my little issues and how to tackle them, so you don’t have similar challenges that I had toward the start.

  • Smart LED Ceiling fan controller
  • Classy sharing control options
  • Light countdown option is present
  • Fantastic support with both Google Home Assistant and Alexa
  • Ultimate warranty and support for one year
  • No smart light control options
  • Pairing issues in Wi-Fi

Our Take

That was the complete review of these selected products. You can choose the best one that suits you. But for our take, we will recommend going with GE Enbrighten as it has an excellent user interface with perfect button execution. The second choice can be SONOFF iFAN3.

Smart Ceiling Fan Switch’s Buyer Guide

For me, the possibility of ​​getting up and physically pulling the drag chain on a ceiling fan is similarly as awful as physically lifting a cart. So if you resemble me and rely upon everything else in a smart home, you may need to prepare all the ceiling fans in your home with smart switch control. In short, it isn’t always pragmatic to replace your old fans with new smart ceiling fans.

I purchased ceiling fans since I like them. They coordinate the stylistic theme and incorporate the ideal lighting choices and fan speeds. Also, despite everything they work. For what reason would I like to replace it?

By the by, I can open my wallet and purchase new smart fans. In any case, the pool of accessible prepared to-utilize smart fans is still moderately little and generally costly. Luckily, it isn’t essential to spend a great deal on another smart ceiling fan. There are numerous modest alternatives to redesign your old ceiling fan utilizing a smart switch.

Why Do You Need a Smart Ceiling Fan Switch?

The smart ceiling fan has lighting and a fan that is associated with your smart home. When associated with your smart home, you can remotely control it using your smartphone or set up predefined principles or collaborations with other smart home items.

Features of a Smart Ceiling Fan Switch

  • Voice control is the best feature of that smart switch.
  • Moreover, you can, in any case, turn it on and off with the divider switch. There are consistently times when a decent old divider switch is quick and straightforward.
  • I additionally need to kill the choice on/, consequently, when I turn the room on/off. These are generally finished with movement sensors.
  • To get additional credits, I’d like to have the option to control your fans dependent on the temperature calculations ​​of my smart indoor regulator.

How Can You Control the Smart Ceiling Fan with a Smart Ceiling Switch?

If you have a different divider switch for both the ceiling fan and the light, this arrangement might be perfect for you. You can introduce a smart light switch and a smart fan controller to control fan speed. Smart keys are presented in the divider and supplant your current divider keys.

With the Smart Switch, you can at present control the fan physically through the divider switch, yet additionally, have the additional accommodation of a smart controller. With some extra work, you can set up the controller utilizing movement sensors or voice directions.

  • Lights Control

You needn’t bother with an original shrewd item to transform ceiling fan lights into smart lights. An essential smart key like this GE Smart Key can work. GE’s Smart Switch is a Z Wave gadget. That implies the correspondence is remotely utilizing the Z-Wave convention. For the switch to work, you need a smart home board (like Samsung Smart Things or Wink 2) that works with Z-Wave.

  • Fan Control

The GE Z-Wave Plus smart fan speed control is a fan speed control introduced on the divider switch. It works with Z-Wave Wireless, so here too, a Z-Wave pivot is required. Tragically, the controller isn’t an across the board gadget. It just controls the fan speed and not the lighting capacities.

To utilize the Z Wave ceiling fan control, introduce it instead of the fan divider switch and set the speed of your ceiling fan to the unique settings. We prescribe that you place your fans to the most noteworthy rate before evacuating the present switch.

Another incredible choice for smart keys is the Lutron Caseta line. You’ve as of late discharged a fan control for the on/off switches and the atomizer switches. Lutron is very costly, however entirely stable. It works with its Wi-Fi convention, so an extension is required.

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